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Mandatory Meetings

Weekend Preperation Meeting - Mon June 17
One of Three Monitor Training Sessions
June 13
June 19
June 25

These meetings will take place at the Spokane Valley Event Center

Optional Marshal Subcommittees

Would you be available to assist with any of the following marshal subcommittes?

Your Courts

Please tell us if you have any preferences for the courts you will oversee (player gender, age, or the physical location of the courts.) Also, include the names of family members
participating in the event.

Your Monitors

Spokane Hoopfest Association Volunteer Acknowledgement

As a volunteer for Spokane Hoopfest Association (“Hoopfest”), I acknowledge that I am accountable and responsible for my own conduct and actions. I understand that my behavior in carrying out my volunteer services on behalf of Hoopfest may reflect positively or negatively on Hoopfest. In the event Hoopfest determines that my conduct or actions reflect negatively, I accept an immediate dismissal of my duties as a Hoopfest volunteer. I further acknowledge that my volunteer experience may involve risks outside the control of Hoopfest, and I accept such risks.

Thank you for helping to bring Spokane a premier family and community enriching event!
For more information call (509) 624-2414 or send us an email.