* (A limited number of applicants under the age of 18 will be accepted as monitors.)

Monitor Shifts

Please note that most volunteers monitor for the entire weekend, providing consistency for the teams playing on each court and offering monitors an opportunity to invest themselves fully in the enjoyment of many Hoopfest participants.

Full-time monitors will be given a t-shirt and hat, plus Nike shorts and shoes. Hoopfest relies upon your presence throughout the times indicated on this application.

The Nike shoes will be distributed at the conclusion of the Hoopfest Tournament on Sunday.

All monitors will be expected to attend a two-hour training session prior to Hoopfest weekend.

Identification will be required for gear pick-up.

* Hoopfest provides a hat, shorts, one T-shirt and Nike shoes to volunteers monitoring all weekend. Please indicate your sizes for each item and remember that Nike shoes tend to run approximately 1/2 size small.
Saturday, June 29 (7:30 am to 8:30 pm)
Sunday, June 30 (7:30 am to 4:00 pm)





Answer each item:
Yes No

Hoopfest wants to recognize monitors for their years of service. Please accurately provide us with the number of years you have volunteered for Hoopfest as a court monitor, counting this year.

Years as a Hoopfest monitor between 1990-2019

Score Keeper

Monitors are encouraged, not required, to provide their own scorekeepers. If you plan to bring your own scorekeeper, please give us the following information:

Court Preferences

Please check all that apply. Hoopfest will attempt to honor all requests, but we appreciate your flexibility during assigning.

Volunteers must have officating experience to monitor grades 3-9. Hoopfest reserves the right to screen applicants and assign based on game knowledge and experience.

I prefer to monitor grade(s)

I prefer to monitor:

I prefer to monitor grade(s)

I prefer to monitor:

I prefer to monitor:

* Players call their own fouls on adult and high school courts.

Spokane Hoopfest Association Volunteer Acknowledgement

As a volunteer for Spokane Hoopfest Association (“Hoopfest”), I acknowledge that I am accountable and responsible for my own conduct and actions. I understand that my behavior in carrying out my volunteer services on behalf of Hoopfest may reflect positively or negatively on Hoopfest. In the event Hoopfest determines that my conduct or actions reflect negatively, I accept an immediate dismissal of my duties as a Hoopfest volunteer. I further acknowledge that my volunteer experience may involve risks outside the control of Hoopfest, and I accept such risks.

Thank you for helping to bring Spokane a premier family and community enriching event!
For more information call (509) 624-2414 or send us an email.